Far From Perfect
New artwork by Safety First

Opening reception Saturday June 13th 7-11pm
DJ Bobby Peruu
P.O.P Sandwich
Local beer + wine
Exhibition dates: 06.13 – 07.31.15

The future reflecting on the past. Far From Perfect is the syncretism of culture and design that is more familiar to each other than perceived. Africa, punk, hip hop and tattooing; this exhibition is a collage of new visual experiences from the pages of Safety First’s sketchbook. Architecture, hand painted signs and textiles all in a dream of futuristic folk art exploding off the paper and spilling on to the walls. In the tradition of tattoo flash, Safety First uses black bold marker lines to create portraits, iconography, abstracts and elements of the natural world. Far From Perfect is a stream of consciousness unfolding in a beautiful montage.

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Amy George Cortez